Testimonials – Maria Rafdal, L.Ac.

I have suffered with migraine headaches for years. With acupuncture my migraines have diminished an duration and intensity. I can’t thank Maria enough.

-V. Criss


Maria has been a godsend. Her gentle manner and knowledge about acupuncture helped me heal after a dental procedure which left my jaw locked. I am now able to open my mouth completely and have no pain or discomfort.

-L. Pappenheimer


I’ve been to several doctors and none of them could figure out how to help my headaches, but after treatments with Maria, my headaches have improved and are virtually nonexistent.

-Lauren M.


Maria made me feel at ease during my first acupuncture visit. My shoulder pain was greatly diminished. Thanks, Maria!



Maria blew my mind away. She was professional and she went above and beyond with excellent beside manner and a lot of extra, kind body work. The needle insertion was done with intention and precision. I normally hate needles, but not with Maria.



I had extreme PMS for years. Even after the first session, the cramping was not as bad as usual. I will continue to see Maria to manage my menstrual agonies.

-D.A. Picazo


I came to Maria for jaw pain due to botched dental work. Maria began intra-oral massage and acupuncture. After my first treatment my jaw moved and I could open my mouth with significantly less pain. I was so grateful for what Maria did, I cried tears of joy.

-A. Segal